Raising a Dog Naturally


Raising a happy, healthy dog is easy when you raise your dog the natural way. Raising a dog the natural way reduces your pet's exposure to unhealthy chemicals and ingredients in their food, treats, healthcare and skincare products.

Natural Dog Foods

Diet plays a critical role in your dogs overall health. Natural and organic ingredients in your dog's food can boost your pet's energy level, reduce skin ailments and allergies, help maintain a healthy weight, and add quality of live and longevity to your pet. Natural and organic dog food comes in many varieties and ingredient formulations. Be sure to read the ingredients to select a good match your dog's needs and tastes.

Natural Yummy Dog Treats

Dogs love a yummy treat, and we love to reward and sometimes spoil our 4 legged, furry family members just as much as our regular family members. The good news is that doggie treats don't have to be the equivalent of junk food. There are a variety of natural dog treats that make good healthy choices for dogs of all ages and chewing habits.

Natural Dog Health Care

Many dog health issues can be avoided or remedied using natural remedies such as nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are natural foods and supplements that can have a healing effect on pets. These nutraceuticals include multi-vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, weight loss formulations, diabetic formulations and more.

Natural Flea Control

Fleas are the bane of a dog's existence. The endless scratching and flea biting can damage your dog's skin and over all health. No need to pump your pet's blood full of prescription medications, attach chemical laden collars or coat your dog with harsh sprays. There are several effective all natural solutions that will keep those nasty fleas away and stop the itching in short order.

Natural Dog Toys

Dog Toys are a necessity for a happy dog. Dog toys reduce stress and give dogs the playtime they need for good health. Dogs love toys they can chew. Eco-friendly dog toys can protect your dog from toxic dangers as well as keeping your pet from chewing your shoes and furniture. Look for dog toys that have no BPA, phthalates, PVC, stains, or dyes.

Outdoor Activities

If your dog is frequently stuck indoors for long periods, he or she probably is not getting adequate socialization and exercise for a healthy mind and body. Take your dog for extended play time and walks to natural settings. This might be easier in rural settings, but take a bit more planning in cities. Many cities now have dog parks where your pet can meet, sniff, bark and play with other dogs. This mental stimulation can do wonders for your pet's mood and attitude. If you live near bodies of water, you might find areas of dog friendly beaches or lakes where your dog can enjoy frolicking in the water with a ball or stick. Don't forget to bring your doggie bags!

Gift of Natural for Dogs

Do you know somebody who is dog crazy and would love a gift of something natural for their dog? Many people give their canine a gift for the holidays and even birthdays. You can surprise your friend with a gift card to an online store like onlynaturalpet.com or even petco.com. You could even donate these pet friendly gift cards to a local shelter or rescue in need. If you receive a gift card for your pet, you can check your gift card balance online.

Interesting Dog Facts:

80% of dog owners give their dog a present for holidays.

Dogs are mentioned in the bible.

Dog owners live longer and have less stress.

Small dog breeds live longer. Toy breed can live 15 years or more. Larger breeds average 8 - 12 years.

Cancer affects about 6 million dogs per year.

Border Collies can understand up to 200 human words.

About 60% of dogs who enter an an animal shelter are euthanized.

About 78 million dogs are owned in the United States.